•  Pyra Vastu Item - Start Up Pyramids

    Fortune Chip

    To attract luck,fix on important files, books,lockers, computers etc..

    Fortune Key Chain

    Ideal for keys of your lockers, car, bike, cash-box, house and shop.

    Bike 9x9

    Fix on any front part of your two-wheeler for protection from evel eye!

    Mobile 9x9

    Tie to your mobile for luck and proection Improves performance and business.

    Fortune Seat

    Enhance your business and finance, to be used on the chair before you sit.

    Fortune Plate

    Can be used on door as a name-plate. To enhance luck and good fortune.

    Medicine 9x9

    Place your daily medicines inside for spiritual help.

    My 1st Experiment Pyramid

    Basic Start Up Pyramid, place fruits or vegitables to see its power.

    Aum 9x9

    Must for all round wellness! Opens possibilites for personal growth.

    Eye 9x9

    Fix in shops, offices or homefor protection from evil eye.

    Luck 9x9

    Improves fortune by removing blocks in luck. Triple luck for all round success.

    Pyron 9G

    1st time in India. Nav Ghar Pyramid Yantra with advance copper power.


    Best tool to neutralize bad effects of attached bathroom and toilets.

    Ashta Ganesh Plate

    Get the auspecious power of ashta Ganesh in your home or shop.

    Business Disc

    It attracts economic growth, better finance and good business.

  •  Pyra Vastu Item - Advance Pyramids

    International Max

    To attract luck,fix on important files, books,lockers, computers etc..

    Flat Max

    Based on HPM, use for center correction of flats, rooms and big projects.

    Fortune Door

    Beyond Vastu concept to attract more fortune and open virtual door.

    Multier Advance

    Advance design for fast fixing and good results.

    Multier International

    Pyramid with unique auto lock systems and gold triangles.

    Bemor International

    Added power of FaMa crystals for door luck acivation.

  •  Pyra Vastu Item - Vastu Pyramids

    Multier 9x9- Original

    World's highest sold pyramid yantra. Versitile in use for vastu correction.

    Multier 9x9- Plus

    Special booster plate to double the power of multier.

    Bemor 9x9

    Used for door luck, energy spread in house and 9 energy beam generation.

    Multier - Max

    Most trusted for Vastu. With great result and 10 times power than Multier.

    Energy 9x9

    Pyra grid for 6561 pyramids to improve the energy flow of any house.

    Booster 9x9

    With vastu yantram, to be used with Multier or Bemor to double their power.

    Super Max

    3 times more power than Max and with gold triangles for better results.

  •  Pyra Vastu Item - Famous Five Pyramids

    Pyra Cap

    Used during study and meditation. Increases awareness and concentration.

    Pro Max

    Ultimate Vastu correction tool. Gives fast and accurate results.

    Pyra Fire

    Removes negativety and works as a wish amplifier. Use Daily in center of house.

    Vastu Sleep

    Let your sub-concious mind work. Place 9 plates under your bed.

    Wish Pyramid

    Turn your dreams in to reality. Very popular due to its 'Copper Wish Chamber'.

  •  Pyra Vastu Item - Reiki Pyramids

    Reiki Seat

    Sit on the powerful Yantra while teaching or giving reiki to get faster results.

    Reiki Disc

    To enhance the energy of your healing room. Use in clinics, home and hospitals.

    Reiki Smart Fire

    Neutralize negative vibes and create positive space for better healing.

    Reiki Card Set

    First Step to personal well being. Powerful pocket size tool you can carry.

    Reiki Pyramid

    Basic tool for 3D reiki , spacial to enhance power while doing distance Reiki.

    Reiki Pyramid Advance

    Wonderful tool to acelerate results. Inbuild Antahkarana and crystal grid.

    Master Reiki Pyramid

    Most powerful 3D Reiki tool in the world. Powered by unique 10 layer concept.

  •  Pyra Vastu Item - Personal Pyramids

    Marriage Pyrmaid

    Attract cosmic link with your life partner.

    Harmony Pyramid

    For inter-personal harmony in family, friends or business colleagues.

    Education Pyramid

    Unique Triple power pyramid tower with result oriented yantra for childens success.

    Relax Pyramid Belt

    Eye brain relaxing yantra for sleep meditation & computer stress relaxation.

    Pyra Shubh Labh

    Use eternal symbol of good luck,fame wealth to increase sales, income and profit.

    Peace & Meditation Seat

    Unique pyramid seat for meditation and pooja .


    For success and progress to increase the energy.


    Reduce excess energy and radiation. Used for sleep and de-stress.

  •  Pyra Vastu Item - Protection Pyramids

    Protect 9x9- Outside

    For protection and good luck. Used outsite the main door.

    Protect 9x9 - Inside

    Protects from poison arrow and enhance luck. Used inside home.

    Protect 9x9 Car

    Safe-Guard your car with pyra-power . Used on dashboard of car.

  •  Pyra Vastu Item - Study Pyramids

    Study Seat

    Pyramid yantra to improve study power.

    Study Cap

    Wear it on head for 15 min while studies.

    Study Eye Band

    Knowledge stablization and is fast with 'Study Eye Band'.

    Study Head Band

    Enhance concentration and mind power.

    Study Pad

    Place your book or laptop on it.

  •  Pyra Vastu Item - Swastik Pyramids

    Swastik Gold

    Multi purpoe pyra vastu tool to bring prosperity in shops and offices.

    Swastic 700 Gold

    With 37 Gold pyramids to get more result..

    Swastik Mini

    Ideal for all doors, cash box, pooja rooms, computer and study tables.

  •  Pyra Vastu Item - Health Pyramids

    Health 9x9 -Red

    Color with with greatest penetration,stimulates flow of blood.

    Health 9x9 - Orange

    Gives enery , makes joyful.

    Health 9x9 Yellow

    Fortifies the endocrine system, help in chronic deceases of digestive system.

    Health 9x9 Green

    Neutral color, treats chronic problem, sedative, soothing and relaxation.

    Health 9x9 Blue

    Relaxing effect for all diseases involving heat.

    Health 9x9 Violet

    Acts on conciousness, promotes awareness, prepares for meditation.

    Health 9x9 (all set of 7)

    Health pyramid kit for various diseases.